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Whats a navmesh


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should be noted that

function AIPlayer::randomPoint(%this, %duration)


differs from

function AIPlayer::pickWayPoint(%this,%trigger)

differs from

function AIPlayer::PathToNearest(%this)
   %this.followObject(%this.enemy, %this.repathTolerance);


the first ignores the navmesh and just goes to a 3d spot (and will keep going that direction reguardless of anything in the way),

the second uses the navmesh to attempt to path around obstacles to a point.

the third uses the navmesh to follow a mobile object around.

edit: you'll find that


https://github.com/GarageGames/Torque3D/blob/561f010f2e6411d8253d23f0cfcff794e81f60bf/Engine/source/T3D/aiPlayer.cpp#L842 and


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Interesting, the last two methods seem not documented.

They are part of the AIPlayer class in c++?

I still need some more answers on how to use the navmesh.

Can i just place it anywhere and have it cover an area?

Does it work only on terrain or can i use it in conjunction with solid TSStatic objects?

Will it only work when i place it or can it update itself even after i move some solid objects?

Do the navmeshes rely on nodes or is it place and go?

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