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Prevent cheating through GuiShapeNameHud


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I have an issue with my game and there is a possible cheat based on the GuiShapeNameHud. The cheat goes as follows, for spectator mode I have a TargetHud that uses the GuiShapeNameHud class to display names above players, so they can more easily be spotted, the problem is, since it is just a GUI it is client side and can be enabled by a client through the console in regular game, giving him an advantage since other players are better visible with the name tags.

Torque3D has shape names enabled by default and if you do not want them you can just hide them, but through console commands etc people can bring hidden GUIs back.

Here is where I enable it for spectator HUD mode: https://github.com/Duion/Uebergame/blob/master/scripts/client/commands.cs#L112

So what would be the best way to solve that issue? Would it be enough to remove the TargetHud from the game, or could someone just copy the code back in and it will work, since it is based on the C++ code of the GuiShapeNameHud? Or would it be possible to move the command to server side, so that the server has to verify the HUD mode the client is in?

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