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How Do You Move Up/Down?


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Can you just jump off the floor?

Also you could make custom commands to add an impulse to the player, this should allow for up/down movement in 0g.

Sorry to derail this thread, but i want to ask another question and dont really feel like making a new thread, but how can i make a bot crouch/jump/etc?

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In the console , just using

%obj.setvelocity("0 0 10");

works with the defaultPlayer datablock settings for mass(120) , density(1.3) and drag(1.1) and the gravity mod of the physical zone set to 0 . I didnt bind a key to it but you could try it . Of course , you can change that z value(10) to whatever . 10 seemed fairly quick .


As for the Crouch animation just using

 %obj.setActionThread(pistol_crouch_root , 0 , 0);


in the console did fine The bot would move in the crouch position from this point . I was having a bit of trouble selecting the bot , I dont know why , made me imagine of some way to access bots or groups of bots from a list of bots added using the NavMesh and possibly assigning animations to multiple bots .

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