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tool for vehicle creation


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What you mean with creating vehicles? Modeling or programming? As for modeling there is no easier way, you just have to do it and for programming, a vehicle in Torque is just a datablock with a list of values like weight, acceleration, steering, drag etc that you set and combined with the model plus correct setup this will be your vehicle. I mean you can create one just now, if you cannot model it, use an existing model or just a cube and play with the numbers.

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+I tried a couple of times and in my experience i have to say its very tedious setting up vehicles that even work.

There seems to be a whole lot of issues from my experimentation, especially in relation with springs/collision to work properly.

I had sessions full of where i had to tweak around blindly because my vehicles would fall trough terrain.

I dont know how feasable it is, but might t3d support realtime vehicle characteristics editing ingame?

Like in a menu with the values that you can set and old engine i used to mess with ancient times ago called w3d used to have such a menu, it was real neat.

Also would love gear ratio settings, missing for good vehicles imo.

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