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Hunting Simulator with T3D


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Hi there,

i just want to know if someone could support me with my Hunting Game in the T3D Engine ...

I know well that there are some Games like this ... but my vision is to make a game which is only paid once and not monthly ... (maybe as the follower to deer hunter tournament) ...

here a little impressions of my game (but its not in alpha version or something like this):


Work in Progress :)



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What kind of help do you want?

From looking at what you got so far, you still have a long way to go.

Also I think your current concept is not going to work out, since there are hunting simulators far more advanced already you hardly can compete against, you need some features that those games cannot deliver.

I'm not really available for help, since I'm very busy, but I can give you some quick advise on your visuals and how to improve them drastically with relatively little efford.

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this is a really cool idea!

what do u need help with?

I think there was a resource on the old forums about light detection and things like that was passed to ai to show if the player can be seen by the ai, might be worth while checking out to add a good effect to the stealth element

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