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ScatterSky Sun color


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I have played with most all the variables on a scattersky and I can't change the sun color. In game it is pure white and the sun is kind of yellow in reality. Any changes I make to sunscale or colorize etc just turns the whole scene yellow. In the code:

mSunColor.set( 0, 0, 0, 1.0f );

mSunScale = ColorF::WHITE;

wont just change the sun it colors the whole scene, clouds and all. Anyone got a cool trick ?

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The properties under the scattersky have nothing to do with the sun at all, they are just there for how the lighting affects the scene. As far as i know the sun in torque is just a white disc with glow applied to it and the only way to change it is by changing the hlsl file for the scattersky, i think anyway the rayleigh colour is affected by the time of day to give that colour glow of yellow outside the main disc

EDIT: Im an idiot, rayleigh affects the colour of the sky not the sun sorry but it is in scattersky hlsl file somewhere

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@marauder that picture almost proves my point, go out and look at the sun at sunset and the sky around it. With all the variables in there I think it should be closer.


Looking at the shaders/common/scattersky pixel and vertex doesn't show the color of the sun specifically.. I'll keep digging seems like it would be easy to just set 2 or 3 colors and lerp to the time of day but .... thanks for the reply

@fLUnKnhaXYU I changed the corona graphic and material to blues and greens and no difference on the sun in scattersky ... thanks ...

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I couldn't find anything on a corona color for the scattersky sun . All I can figure is that scatters the colors from a point which is the center of a sun . IDK , I couldnt see where it adds a sun object , just generates the sky coloring using the rayleigh setting .

you might try these settings

sunSize = 50

rayleighScttering = 0.2

meiScattering = ??? - I think this is more for objects in the sky (maybe something like 0.0045)

flareType = null - you can add you own flare , any color .

i used a medium blue color for colorize . you should get a sun area that is mostly the colorize color with a small amount of bright or scattered color . If it doesnt make sense Im probably just not expressing it well . Torque 3D documentation release 3.5.1 at readTheDocs page 82 Scatter Sky .

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I think I get what youre saying now . Theres a little on sunColor in both the scatterSky.CPP and the timeOfDay.CPP maybe youll see something there . Seems that putting a corona at the point in time of day would do it , then you could reduce the size for the scattersky sun to 0 and just use the corona and lighting settings . I found that slightly dimly lit look quite appealing . Im having a little trouble in finding some useful range for the MIE Scattering value , I cant see any change in the lighting .

heres another setting if you'd care to try it , its basically the same , with an orange light all the way across .


   new ScatterSky(testSSky) {
      skyBrightness = "0.6";
      sunSize = "100000";
      colorizeAmount = "80";
      colorize = "0.388235 0.388235 0.968628 1";
      rayleighScattering = "0.5";
      sunScale = "0.996 0.996 0.988 1";
      ambientScale = "0.302 0.302 0.298 0.184";
      fogScale = "0.976471 0.984314 0.996078 1";
      exposure = "999999";
      zOffset = "0";
      azimuth = "0";
      elevation = "35";
      moonAzimuth = "0";
      moonElevation = "45";
      castShadows = "1";
      staticRefreshFreq = "8";
      dynamicRefreshFreq = "8";
      brightness = "1";
      flareType = "NullLightFlare";
      flareScale = "2";
      nightColor = "0.0313726 0.0313726 0.0313726 1";
      nightFogColor = "0 0 0 1";
      moonEnabled = "1";
      moonMat = "Moon_Glow_Mat";
      moonScale = "0.02";
      moonLightColor = "0 0 0 1";
      useNightCubemap = "1";
      nightCubemap = "NightCubemap";
      attenuationRatio = "0 1 1";
      shadowType = "PSSM";
      texSize = "512";
      overDarkFactor = "2000 1000 500 100";
      shadowDistance = "100";
      shadowSoftness = "0.15";
      numSplits = "4";
      logWeight = "0.91";
      fadeStartDistance = "0";
      lastSplitTerrainOnly = "1";
      representedInLightmap = "1";
      shadowDarkenColor = "0.301961 0.313726 0.207843 0";
      includeLightmappedGeometryInShadow = "0";
      position = "-11.431 6.11889 100.864";
      Rotation = "1 0 0 0";
      scale = "1 1 1";
      canSave = "1";
      canSaveDynamicFields = "1";
         mieScattering = "0.0008";//----------this might be weird but Im not seeing much affect from changes to this setting
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@Flun not sure the sunsize of 100000 is correct I use 0.15 since the stock size is way to big and exposure of 9999999 would way overdrive the clouds visual.

Any devs care to chime in on this? There is a huge struct and calculation for what I feel is a unnatural look. If I could just make a yellow sun I can be happy for now. Thanks .....

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@Hodo33 , Its all possibly quite contrary yet i believe that the rayleigh scattering is responsible for dimming things considerably in this case .

I think 999999 was as high as I could go .


I just played around with this because I agree that an orangish star would look nice , so those numbers produced the largest and darkest scatterSky sun that i could manage without super lighting the sky.background .

also I really do like the visual affect on the scene's lighting .

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