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4k anyone?


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Just set it to what you want, the resolutions in the options menu are just some default examples, you can add whatever you want in there, or just resize the window manually to what you want.

I don't have a 4k monitor so I cannot test it, but I know that you can set all kinds of resolutions, I saw someone having 2500x something as resolution even though it did not exist in the options.

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The listed display resolutions are fed via the native resolutions that the monitor itself supports, as I recall. So if your monitor isn't a 4k one, it won't show that as a regular resolution.

That said, I've been working on the dynamic resolution scaling stuff(in cleanup/bugfixing stage atm) which allows for lowering(to improve performance) or raising(to make prettier) the render target resolution, which is done when the frame is rendered, and then brought back down to whatever resolution the window is set.

Since it goes both ways, if you have the GPU meat to pull it off, you could absolutely do 2 or more times the window resolution which would basically just be supersampling at that point.

Other optimization techniques for doing 4k without melting people's computers, like checkerboard, has had some reading done on it, but no one's attempted an implementation of it yet.

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I have run T3D in 4k, and it runs pretty much as I expected, the rendering and visuals all looked pretty nice, the only issue really is that the default GUIs are all pixel based, or at least all the ones I looked at were, so they were very tiny. I expect this isn't a huge problem as you could set some profiles to trigger after a resolution test.

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