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Would it be possible to have a main header on the website that links to each of the 3 sub sites currently available.

Home : Wiki : Forums

navigating between these different sites is a mini nightmare, imo something that makes it difficult for users (new and old) to find what they need at times

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on the site overall, if they are to be kept as sub domains then a consistent header across all sites (this also allows for extensions if other areas get large... blogs, resources etc).

the other option is to have a banner/tabbed header type deal on torque3d.org that has forums and wiki appear beneath the banner, i'm not 100% up on modern techniques for that and yes i know that they are all 3 different sites located in 3 different real world locations.

I just think that some form of tie in or consistency helps with all kinds of things, branding, navigation etc, all of which makes the community conglomerate more user friendly.

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