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OpenVR 1.0.17 Update

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There is a branch that updates T3D to build with the latest OpenVR release and adds support for the new IVRInput Interface and Hand Skeletons.

The branch is here: https://github.com/OTHGMars/Torque3D/tree/OVR_1017f

Build instructions and branch notes are here: https://github.com/OTHGMars/Torque3D/blob/OVR_1017f/Templates/Modules/ovrModule/branchNotes.md

All of the scripts used when creating the videos below are included.




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It's great.

With friends we want to do a VR game, we would like to use T3D.

So I have a few questions about T3D and VR.

1) the VR extension is shown with an oculus, can it be funcitoning with a HTC ? Using OpenVR it should work but I'd rather ask.

2) are there any necessary scripts or is this C++ only?

3) can it display HUD items ?

4) the implementation is not perfect ("Work Remaining, Issues and other Assorted Ramblings").

Do you plan to work on it again and improve it for T3D, or should we wait for a new version specific to T3D 4 ?

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1) I have tested with an Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and both work. In theory it should also support WMR devices, but I have no knowledge of anyone testing with WMR yet.

2) There is some script setup required, examples are included in the branch.

3) Yes, there is support for floating overlays and the OpenVR dashboard so you can render T3D guis directly in the headset.

4) It will be updated for the new e/c player controllers, but it's unlikely that will happen before T3D 4 releases. Hopefully shortly after though.

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