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Can I build game with C++ only and use Torque3D Editor for build levels / world?


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I am not new in C++ but not professional. I want create some game use C++ to improve my C++ and for fun.

Some questions:

1. Is possible write game only in C++ without Torque3D script? Are there some tutorials about how to start this kind of project?

2. How easy is integrate external GUI in to engine? Does I need change source code, or can be it done with compiled binaries?

3. How good is Torque3D GUI? Is fully skinable? I have quick look and it looks like Window GUI and didn't find any info about how to change skin, but maybe I am overlook this.

4. Can I build levels and worlds in Editor and then working with saved levels in C++?

5. Can I run Torque3D on Intel HD 3000 (laptop graphic card)?

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Torquescript is very C or C++ like, you should just start with Torquescript, the advantage is, that you see the results instantly and don't have to recompile all the time.

If you are more experienced with the engine you can consider starting to change the C++ source code or program features there.

And your intel HD potato will probably have trouble running Torque3D, maybe it will run fine if you scale the graphics down a lot, but I would not bother with such old hardware and buy a real PC.

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Thanks for answer. I download Pacific Demo and I am able run it even on advanced settings. Graphics look good but it is not playable, if I scale down graphic, it is still not good. Maybe Pacific Demo is not good optimized, because I play games (on Intel HD 3000) which looks better then PacificDemo on low settings. And on pacific demo wasn't enemies with AI. But I hope if I do similar graphic to games I played, it will be ok.

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Sure you can make things look good with low system requirements, however it will require a lot of work and trickery and most developers do not bother with that since they target gamers with real gaming hardware where such little performance gains do not matter for the most part.

My advice to you is to buy proper PC hardware, that you can run things on all max with at least 60 FPS, you also have to consider that when developing, you will have several other development tools open at the same time which costs even more resources, especially RAM and ideally you should have a large monitor so you can fit everything on there, which a laptop for the most part does not provide.

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To expand on what Duion is saying on the performance side, T3D uses a deferred renderer, which allows much more flexible post processing effects and lighting, but at the tradeoff of having a much higher baseline memory bandwidth requirement. Which is something that integrated graphics are especially sensitive to.

One of the things that'll be going into 4.0 is resolution scaling, which will go a long way to helping chips like that because it'll let you scale down the rendered resolution to a more hardware-friendly level without compromising the window resolution.

And while the pacific demo is decently optimized, the art is definitely on the older side, so part of it not looking as hot is just that it needs updating.

For the C++ only, currently the engine does require at least *some* script, mainly for the launch of the engine/initialization of the core. Once that happens, however, you could indeed ostensibly write all the rest of the gameplay in C++ if you wanted, loading scenes, spawning objects, etc.

In my workblog I'd touched on being able to create C++ components and objects via the asset system because I know that(especially if you're trying to be as performant/optimized as possible) you'll want to move heavy code into the engine. So while current release builds require a bit more effort to use this way(though it's still definitely possible) 4.0 and onward should be quite easy to utilize in this way.

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