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Groundcover issue


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after you create your ground cover look in the inspector where it says " types ", properties for 0 - 7 , there is a field named layers . If its blank the ground cover will show everywhere , but if you you put the name of a terrain material , grass1 , snow etc.. it will only show the ground cover on that material . So what I did , was paint the area with a different material , actually , i guess , it can be the same texture with just a different name , so , the ground cover will not render there . Should work , if theres not a better way .

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Duion's right.

To clarify the design-intent of it a bit more, the type slots in ground cover let you associate to a given terrain material. If you don't make any associations, it just figures "any terrain material is probably fine" which is why it'll spawn over the whole thing.

Once you have an association between a groundCover type slot and a terrain material, the spawning rules for that slot will only apply to that terrain material. To adjust what shows up and where at that point, you would just paint down different materials to have it automatically spawn the associated groundCover slot(which can include nothing if you paint a material with no groundCover slot associated).

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