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AFX Original demo updated


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Thankfully I had done most of this a while back, and to be fair, most of the work had been done by az, I just cleaned up a little here and there, I am posting here because I'm hoping that others have an interest in AFX and in the script side of it that provides pretty much most of a fantasy spell system, and are willing to help maintain or even advance the demo.

the repo can be found here, https://github.com/Torque3D/AFX-Template it works with the development branch (as of 06 Dec 18 at least), I haven't tested it against 3.9 or 3.10+. There were some changes to the GUI menu system and I'm not sure of the dates of them and whether they are in the master branch or not.

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seems there's a console refactor issue with

REPO: https://github.com/Bloodknight/Torque3D/tree/AFX_RPG_Starter

code in particular:


where it looks like the intent is to feed an id, method and get back an enum, but linux is choking on the EngineUnmarshallData formation. any notions there, @LukasPJ? Can't say I'm having much luck this end.

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