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Bad behaviour behaving badly part 2


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While I understand this is a side extension of the previous issue, it's partly related and partly new, and the last conversation devolved somewhat by being derailed for no good reason.

The previous errors that were noted seem to have been fixed (popup menus not showing, and menubar breaking).

The error now seems to be as follows, while using the behaviour editor using the right click to pop open the menu

- First right click, Menu opens

- selecting a submenu or other item in submenu appears to be inactive (no trace or debug info helps here)

- Second right click, crashes (debugging pops open the following in visual studio)


Call stack


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Executing scripts/server/BadBehavior/behaviorTreeManager.cs.
Linux Compatibility Warning: behaviorTrees != BehaviorTrees
Executing scripts/server/BadBehavior/BehaviorTrees/botMatchTree.cs.
Executing scripts/server/BadBehavior/BehaviorTrees/botTree.cs.
Executing scripts/server/BadBehavior/BehaviorTrees/combatTree.cs.
Executing scripts/server/BadBehavior/BehaviorTrees/FollowTree.cs.
Executing scripts/server/BadBehavior/BehaviorTrees/getHealthTree.cs.
Executing scripts/server/BadBehavior/BehaviorTrees/PatrolTree.cs.
Executing scripts/server/BadBehavior/BehaviorTrees/WanderTree.cs.
The thread 0x274c has exited with code 0 (0x0).
Exception thrown: read access violation.
**this** was 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.


The thread exiting line popped up while the original popup menu was visible, i was moving the mouse around to see which other menus/options showed.

The last 2 lines were the result of the second right click to re-open the popup-menu

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