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Use of Torque Character


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That is why I would like to buy one more original. The artist quit on me days before it was ready for release so the game is done and my choice is toss the project in the garbage or release it now and replace characters and any other updates later. I have had so much trouble getting someone that can make a character with animations for Torque. Most people I have had to deal with use Unity or Unreal for that very reason.

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Making a game ready character is probably one of the hardest tasks, free game ready characters that are available for free and open source on the whole internet can probably be counted on one hand.

If you have some experience in 3D modeling, you can do it yourself, my first character took me about 2 weeks to make including animations and implementation, I probably could do it much quicker now.

Even if you buy a character somewhere else, you still need to do some work on implementation.

The community is not that active anymore and there are very few people who can make character models for Torque3D, I know @Steve_Yorkshire is very qualified at making character models that work with Torque3D, maybe he will help you.

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