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terrain tile materials files structure questuion


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Hi, Im making/going to attempt to make (using the editor) terrain tile material files using what Ive scarfed up from the demos here , including , UberGame . Id like your opinion on whether or not there is any reason for concern between using one big folder of images with one long list of materials in one .CS or using many folders with one set of images in each with one materials file in each folder . Personally , I want the many folders in the hopes of only executing what is needed for a level plus the ability to just add a new folder should the opportunity arise . But Im concerned about the effeciency when using all of the folders in the editor .

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Folder structure depends on taste, do whatever you like, the materials.cs files get all executed anyway. Torque scans all folders for those files and executes them. Having one big file may have a very small performance advantage, but I think it is not relevant.

So do whatever you like. Consider that in the future it is planned to have terrain materials and regular textures behave the same way, but I have no idea when that is going to come.

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