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Decal on vehicle


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for the time being i don't think so, the decal wouldn't stay on an object that moves anyway but there was a few forums floating around that specified and talked about ways of adding decals that stay on objects that move though im not sure where it is if i find it ill link it to you.

There are a number of different methods for adding decals to objects that could be implemented into torque though, one that i thought would be best would be decals that actually modify and apply to the texture of the object this way u don't have to actually worry about the engine having to keep track of the position of the decal in real time

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Easiest route is just painting the sign into the helicopter's texture, as Duion said. You could even have multiple versions of the helicopter texture (maybe one with the decal, one without) and switch between them using setSkinName().

Depending on the effect you're after, you might also look into using a light with a 'cookie' texture to project the decal.

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