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Bitmap in hfl files


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this is typical of the examples I could find in an old TGE copy.

I should note that not a single instance of bitmap tag had an extension, perhaps it relied on searching the original torque extensions list and is looking for ribbons.png.jpg or .png.png and failing.


<just:center><lmargin%:5><rmargin%:95><font:Arial Bold:20>ArcaneFX Credits


hopefully that helps, sorry if not :/

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Just tested this using the latest development branch and it seems to be working. I added a GuiMLTextCtrl (named MLTEXTCTRL) to the main menu screen and called:

Result was the Torque3D splash image rendering inside the control. That was without changing the default control size - it just resized itself to fit the splash image.

Only 'catch' I did find is you need to be sure you're sending it the correct, relative file path (where the 'root' is the same location as the Torque3D executable) otherwise it will trip up when it tries to find the bitmap. If you trace the code starting at GuiMLTextCtrl::allocBitmap() you'll see it jumps through a ton of hoops to create and tweak a Torque filepath object (Torque::Path) that's used by the texture loading code.

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