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Hey Greenfire was doing the "intro to the gui" tutorial for the console. For some reason after its finished torque 2d just crashes. I see the original tutorial is from 2013, and it has a .dll file called unicows.dll it asks for that just is not there in T2D 3.4. is this dll needed? Some of the tutorials are dated or broken, this is not a complaint as I understand the reasons, simply an observation. I have a lot of time now a days, so I was considering consolidating the tutorials and updating the ones that are off from version drift. Considering I am doing them anyway it is just a bit more effort to document the steps and verify what is done is still applicable, or if not, document any changes needed to make the tutorial work. Also I am not just talking about the tutorials on the 2d wiki, there are many scattered all over the interweb, on garage games website, the GitHub wiki, you tube, etc.

As far as the console goes I easily could have made a mistake, going to look at the console module in the sandbox to see what I might have done wrong.

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Intro to the gui tutorials on the wiki links dont work anymore im guessing this tutorial was removed, unicows dll is unicode for windows systems dll, i dont think this dll is in my build of the engine either when i build the source code at least but i think in order to get it to build i had to change a setting in the project settings to allow it to build unicode im not at my computer at the moment but if i find it i will let u know, i kept getting errors in the compiler about it and a google search led me to the answer

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