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Building 3.10.1 with VS2010


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Need some help here. With VS2010 I get 43275 errors and 574 warnings.

Whats changed since 3.8 (builds find under VS2010).

There are 2008,2010 and 2012 builds available under buildFiles/

I saw a post about building 3.9 - would this apply to 3.10.1 ?

Thanks in advance !


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The build files folders are deprecated and should have been removed, I think 2015 is minimum spec now because of C++11 features.

you need to use cmake as duion suggests, and holy moley that documentation link needs updating.

edit: I've done a quick update of the page, removed the old junk, made a couple of more up to date screenshots, so it should be easier to follow now.

sent me a note or comment here if there's more updating needed before I get to it.

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