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What forum to talk about development?


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I don't really know what forum is supposed to be for discussing the general engines development. There is just steering committee, that nobody can post it, roadmap, where which already seems predetermined and a forum to talk about issues and pull requests, but there is no actual place where we can discuss how we develop the engine further.

For example what the GUI design should look like, what the default assets should be, or how we want the new template system, what we should do for marketing etc.

At the moment it just seems like someone (probably @JeffR in most cases) just decides what to do and then does it, complete ignoring other peoples plans or opinions and I feel like I have no say in anything.

So I would like a forum for that, or would like to know where to discuss that, the current setup is a bit confusing as those things hardly ever get addressed.

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We had a Trello board before to manage the issues/tasks/feature requests and anyone could pick a task which would then be assigned to him, for example one tast was to make a new default example player model and someone who is qualified enough to do it could pick that task and later it would have been added to the engine in some way.

Basically that is what I want.

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The badly named Github issues section is where everything but discussion happens.

Github also supports a scrum-kanban style section for Trello like operations, might be worth looking into that a little more.

There places to discuss, this forum is one

There is discord but you religious/political beliefs won't allow you to discuss there, but it is active and on a daily basis Jeff (to a fault I might add) listens to every opinion regardless and never dismisses anything out of hand without explaining why its dumb, or maybe he just likes telling me how dumb my ideas are, ummmm.

Since the death of the IRC channel, the only live chat is discord, like it or not live real-time chat rooms are back in fashion and super popular even over forums these days. I know you have some weird views, but if you believed stallman with full conviction, you'd never even use the internet, if you want to engage with the community and the 'top table' of the torque community then discord is pretty much your only route unless you don't mind delayed forum communications.

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