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OfflineLPV test


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As an artistic practice, I try to spend 3-4 hours of every week working on my level design skill, in the same fashion that I practice my musical instruments and my martial arts. I find that as an artist, if I push myself away from what I'm obsessing over and work on something randomly different I see things with a fresh perspective.

As of late, I've been using that time to try out game engines I've not worked with before but this week, I thought I would try out the offlineLPVs that AndrewMac, Jeff Raab and others have been working on. I setup the branch, imported some basic T3D assets and an hour or so later came up with this. The effects are much like the 'b' in 'subtle' but you can see the effect on the computer screens starting at about :10. The emissive textures for the screens are, well, emmisive and you can see the subtle effect of SSAO as well. I wanted to see for myself how quickly I could emulate that glowy grungy look of Unreal, and without too much work got pretty close with this new tool:


This is with a single R,G,B and gold light in the bunker and additional layers on the textures for the 'glowy bling'. Would still need texture work, zone/portal et., but not too shabby for a lunch hours' worth of playing around...

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Pretty sweet Gibby...I'm trying to figure out what I did wrong, for some reason after merge what I had in with this branch I didn't get the icon for OfflineLPV..Hopefully I can figure this out and get back to prototyping.


I had that issue the first time I tried to run it, and found I had to add the directory into my Tools/CMake/torque3d.cmake file at around line 255:




If you're using ProjectManager, add this line to Tools/ProjectGenerator/T3D.inc at around line 60:



The obvious solution to this would be to add it to the project's source directory but for troubleshooting convenience I left mine the way it was in the repo...

...I ported this to my project as well, do have the offlineLPV in my editor but have some issues with the scatterSky, possibly with the render bin. I'll be going over it this weekend and will get back...

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Looks pretty dark, hard to see much.


Sorry 'bout that - more to do with my [lack of] video editing skills than Torque Tech - that and I was trying very hard to get as far away from that infernal 'Tribes2' look as possible ;P

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Hey Gibby,

Was what you mentioned above the only changes you made? I download a fresh copy from the repo and compiled it and I still never got the icon to appear. I ever done what you mentioned above and still nothing. I'm not understanding what I'm doing wrong or if there is something off with the repo..

Screenshot after compiling:


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In the source? Yes, those are there I believe a offlineLPV h. and offlineLPV .cpp, those two are the only ones in the folder..One thing I didn't check to see if the two are compiling with the rest of the code, but I do believe they are..Only thing I did was download a fresh copy, and compiled it..

I figured if I can figure it out from a fresh copy then I should be able to apply those changes to my main build.

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