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Missing DLL


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So, after my reinstall of windows i ran my project and got


Thanks to Timmy explaining what and why it was the solution was a simple one, just recompile the project.

This, however, leaves a potential problem, if a game is compiled on a system with dx9 (I'm assuming) and related SDKs (again, assuming) then the build system uses them, either out of preferences or just first come first serve of the list of dev libraries (more assumptions this is a fun game!).

This appears to be not a huge problem, but it is a potential gotcha if you distribute a game without that DLL.

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I have a couple people that can't run the game with dll issue.

Game.exe click on it and they get game dll.dll can't be found. Have wiped it reloaded multiple times but game wont run on their system Windows 7 home premium.

Wont run to the point that it wont even create a console.log file. I am sure it has something to do with their setup but not sure where to look. We play SWTOR together so I know he has dx9 loaded and video capable any hints/clues where to look ?

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