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In an attempt to unify all (or at least as much as possible) documentation into one place we have forked an old readthedocs implementation created by Anders Dahnielson (huge thank you for the initial work on this) the documentation was created for version 3.5 and the full and original 3.5 version can be found here https://torque3d.readthedocs.io/en/3.5/ ignore the warning about 3.10, that is a WIP version being updated from the unstable version which currently is the latest, do note that unstable means pretty much what it says.

We know this is a huge task, there's a lot of documentation, and there's a lot of game engine that needs to be documented, but when we are done we should have the largest centrally located documentation set since the original TDN wiki back in the distant past.

As mentioned its a huge task, so any help anybody can provide will be invaluable. If you wish to contribute to the documentation there are a multitude of ways you can do so


  • Forking the repo and unstable branch https://github.com/Torque3D/OnlineDocs and editing it directly and then submitting a PR.
  • Writing or rewriting any of the pages and just posting the text here in the forums
  • Linking to any tutorials you think should be added eg Steves multi-part tutorials on FPS and turn-based games
  • A really important and valuable thing would be just reading the documentation take a section and make a mini report on what is incorrect or needs updating.
  • Make suggestions of what might be missing and what we should add (we have a big list already but there's always a chance we missed something)


readthedocs as a system has all kinds of useful features, it allows us to maintain multiple sets of documentation, so when 3.10 documentation is completed, and we branch off to update for the 4.0 documentation the old docs will still be there for people who still use and maintain a game using 3.10.

Another neat feature is the ability for readthedocs to create a fully indexed and hyperlinked PDF book https://media.readthedocs.org/pdf/torque3d/3.5/torque3d.pdf this particular version is 1000 pages and bit of a long read if you want to read cover to cover, but if you scroll to the end, you will find a wonderfully detailed index with links back to the tutorial pages etc.

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