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Program goes to background


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I ran into a (imho) VERY weird thing today as i was about to continue work on mylittle petproject. As i opened the gameengine to start work, i click my project,, it starts reading the files, and as it finishes the missionfile and starts on the objects,,, it goes to the background and does nothing more.

I was working on my game yesterday, and there was NO issues whatsoever, but today, i can't get into the worldeditor and continue. Has anyone else ever expirienced this, and if so, wtf is wrong?? I have no clues asto what to do :(

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Sounds like its getting hung up on a missing texture or something, there used to be a dialog for this but i noticed some time ago that it just hung on me the last couple times, as duion suggested the log should help in that regard.

I have also at all kinds of different times had problems with various programs that hook into games for FPS monitoring, if youve updated one of those recently it be worth a look if the log file doesnt show anything.

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