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How transfer project from 3.5 to 3.10.1


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Hi, I have project in the beginning of the development and I would like to transfer/copy the project to newest stable but I do not know how....copy folders?...but what and where or there is any way?

Thanks Bishop

PS. I think Torque needs some project manager?....that would be great for this.

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Thats not so easily done.

What I do is I compare the new template from the new version with WinMerge with the old template from the old version, that way I can see what is changed.

In case you don't have much modifications, you can also merge the new template directly with your game.

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Is this a project with engine changes? That can get pretty tricky. I would start with WinMerge.


Maybe compare it to a stock 3.5 project to get a list of all the customized changes because you don't want to copy over stock changes from 3.5 to 3.10. Armed with this knowledge, copy just those files into a stock 3.10.1 project. I had great luck with another compare tool called Meld which worked better for actual text changes in the .cs files.


I can try to help more, if you need it.

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Thanks guys....no changes to the engine....i'll try to your advices

but project is much in the beginning...no gameplay yet...just terrain + some buildings....so I just need the terrain and the buildings...so it'll be easy ,I think.

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