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Mounting light and particle


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Hi,....for my project because the game takes place in the winter so I would like to have a steam from the mouth like a player breathing.....so how I mount particle to the mount node?....also the same for the flashlight.

Thanks for help.

PS. I know how to mount a mesh but particle or light?

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Thanks...but I not get where I must or can write this script....in Advanced Properties in the Shape editor it's not possible...there is Mounting but for shapes only not for scene objects like light or particle...which would be great to extend for non-shape objects too.

Also in the Inspector for all objects is a Mounting section with mountPID...mountNode....mountPos....and mountRot...but what is it for?

.....so mount light or particle is possible only by script and not by editor?

....where write this script for mounting a light or particle?!

I have in the Datablock - Player Data - player ....so I must in the Datablock Editor save my player datablock to a new file and in this new cs file write all functions for the player?...like mounting etc.

....what is the detailed procedure then?

PS....this simple parenting/child procedures must to be somewhat simplified....because a newcomer who wants to create something in this great engine will come but then spend two days how mount /attach the flashlight or particle to the fps controller and going away....which would be a shame because the Torque is a great engine.

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I found in the editor how to mount object to the object....Object- Mount selection A to B but after I tried mount particle to the player....Torque crash immediately....it works but only vice versa player to particle and then player it was attached/mounted to the particle and could not move....but why is't possible mount particle to player this way?

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My recommendations for improving this would be :

# 1 in the Toggle Visibility Modes - add Render Player collision shape + mount nodes.

#2 in the Object - Mount Selection A to B add possibility mount light, particle or other objects in the scene to the player's mount nodes which we'll see through point # 1....just select right mount node and do mount A to B procedure.

.....this is such a visual way for mounting.

....also for non visual maybe it would be great if you pick a player in the editor...then in the Inspector add section or use Mounting section and add possibility select object directly from the scene to be mounted.....another thing that occurred to me....in the Shape Editor somehow make that in Advanced Properties - Mounting allow to mounting also non shape objects.... there could be Shape - Browse and

ex. SceneObject - Browse - window appears with all possible objects from scene to mounting.

.....I think this would be a great improvement.

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I was suggesting that you experiment with the function in the console window . As far as writing a CS file , to my knowledge (which is not very much) You can write any sort of script file and arrange them any way you want or need . This link is to readthedocs dot com torque3d 3.5 , its very helpful .


BTW your screenies in the other thread are nice Im looking forward to seeing the progress .

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