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Building on Linux

Jesse Webb

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Posted (edited)

Hey, I've tried to compile the engine a few times, but I can never get it to work. I'm on Linux and use Ninja for the build. It seems to work up to the point that it's creating the executable. I always get the following message right at the end: 

collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.

I'm not a C/C++ programmer and am new to Cmake, so I don't know what the issue is. I followed the instructions in the docs. Any advice based on the error message?

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Posted (edited)
3 hours ago, Jason Campbell said:

I tried to compile a long time ago and got an error but I think it had to do my outdated libraries. I use Linux Mint.

When you installed the Libraries, was everything okay?


Does the Linux Binary that is available work okay?



Hey, I remember you helped me a year or two ago. I checked the installed libraries again and they were all there. Some were not completely up to date, so I went ahead and updated them. I restarted my computer and tried compiling the engine again, but I still am getting the same error.

But yeah, the Linux binary is working for me. I just wanted to try the newer Torque version since the pre-compiled binaries are over a year old. I guess I was just curious how the newer version was coming along. I don't know. Every time I get some time to learn Torque3D, it seems like I have a lot of issues that I run into. I'm sure that's just an issue with me not understanding some things, and not the engine itself. I've read through the docs some, but they feel a bit incomplete. I may end up giving Java and libGDX a try instead.

edit: Azaezel asked me to copy and paste the complete output after compilation (not just the last error message). I tried to copy it all, but my terminal wouldn't let me scroll back very far to do that.

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So I tried compiling using Make (instead of Ninja). It took about an hour to compile, compared to 20-30 minutes using Ninja. I still get errors, though.

I got this:

undefined reference to `btSimulationIslandManager::btSimulationIslandManager()

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