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where is source Torque MMO Kit?


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It is not about free as in free of costs, for me it is about free as in freedom.

If it would be free software you would be allowed to redistribute it, so it would not be able to get lost for example like now.

Well that I cannot help you with :D

Perhaps it will go MIT one day :mrgreen:


BSD is like MIT very liberal... what they told is a lie about the license.

Well thank you Dwarf about the info. In any case is very interesting that kit ;)

Duon is right what he says, is a pity is lost.

BTW @Dwarf King at least you can share the manual of the MMO Kit?

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Nonetheless I shall upload nothing and respect that the license demands that it has to be downloaded from the actual website when it is up again :D


aaah not problem, I found it. I suppose is not offline after all. :mrgreen:


Alternatively, if you really mean it, you could buy a old "Advanced 3D Game Programming All In One" with a CD included and read about how to set up a small online server and then work from that starting point 8-)


Don't worry I know how to do servers of any kind whit python or whatever... this does not takes me time... :lol:


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  • 8 months later...

I had downloaded the MMO kit a while ago not long before they took their site offline for "transferring the forums" etc. I hadn't touched it in a while until we started working on our MMO project when I went to see if I could check out the documentation. In addition to seeing the site offline, @Dwarf King there's a blogspot poster who has the files up on their .. well .. I guess you'd call it a blog, lol.

Sadly, we cannot see if they updated their license on the now offline site, but I really think those of us who have a legitimate copy looking at the included license should talk about what it entails, as it was released under an open source BSD license at the very end for those who have a legitimate copy of Torque Game Engine and ArcaneFX, as you can see here: https://www.garagegames.com/community/blogs/view/13391. Of course, BSD is not as nice as MIT :(

I have an email in to them myself inquiring, I'll let you guys know if I hear anything. :mrgreen:

James Schultz


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I downloaded a T3D copy for Torque 3D from their mmoworkshop website back then. It pretty much says that you can use it for making a mmo if you have a legal copy of the AFX... (that is MT now) as long as you have downloaded the tools from their website and put them under credit with the license.

I also mailed them about their site being down but never got any answer :?


Yeah I'm not expecting an email back myself but it seems odd that they'd have their MoM live and active and not answer emails to that email that they have live on their site. But oh well, lol.

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