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Character with Rig and Animations and a crappy tutorial about transfering weights to a MakeHuman mesh

Jason Campbell

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I was able to bake the textures. I could only get it to do it well with the imported MakeHuman model. One problem is the hair lacks the transparency so it doesn't look as good. I used the alpha in materials editor to make it a little bit better. One could leave the hair and eyebrows out of the bake if you wanted a better look. The character needs work but it is single texture. I was able to figure out how to share materials too. Take a look if you like.

Download: Blend and Character


These were the most helpful to get the baking and texture working

Bake a Texture In Blender

Copy material to another object?



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Now you are getting there, second major design flaw now would be the unclean mesh. A good artist makes symmetrical meshes that are all quads, because they can be subdivided or reduced easily.

The hair was also a problem for me, so I made a character that did not have exposed hair. The problem with the hair is that you can have only either solid textures or transparent ones. What I would do is to bake the hair to a solid shape and/or use some alpha treshhold texture or use a second texture that has regular transparency.

Regarding the ugly mesh, what I did was to remove all of the body that was not exposed and connected the remaining skin with the clothes directly, so that there were no holes, however this was much work and if you want to save you work, I would just leave the whole body intact and overlay the clothes, in which case it may make sense to have a different atlas texture for the clothes.

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Adding to this is good news. I was finally able to transfer the weights of the character I created, did not get them into torque with animations yet but I was really trying to get the weight thing to work before I worried about that. I can and have done that and added and taken away animations before in torque (with compatible characters) so I am not very worried about that. Making the textures and the meshes better and improved is great. Can't wait to do this aspect. Good job Jason and thanks for the contributions Duion, whether or not you "like" or "approve" this as a creative pipeline process, this does in fact help others. Not all creative processes are the same for all people. Not all game development pipelines are the same.

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It is not wrong in general, but more of a botch job. Yes it works, but my criticism was that you may run into different problems later if you do it that way.

The default assets especially the soldier have caused so much trouble by now, I would recommend deleting it and giving people a dummy figure they have to implement themselves, this was actually part of the plan when I was on the steering committee when it still existed, but the person signing up for that task left like always.

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