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Rage 2 - released poorly?


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So i just got a notification from steam that rage was released and because i was a fan of the first one i bought it and started playing, i think it is a great game, its like doom had angry sex with mad max lol

But the game is getting a lot of bad reviews from steam users due to having to make a bethesda account in order to get the preorder dlc unlocks and the critical after purchase info was withheld until after its inital release. Some people are saying this aswell as inclusion of additional DRM killed it for them.

I can understand im only about 2 hours in and i couldnt tell u anything about any of the characters already so what people are saying about the characters is true but i dont think the games story was supposed to be at the forefront at all i think its supposed to be just a fun over the top shooter and the initial story is just an excuse to give you an enemy.

As most of us here if not all of us here have aspirations of becoming game developers do you think the inclusion of extra drm is killing gaming like so many consumers argue? I personally see the inclusion of extra drm just being used as an excuse and or platform to buy and use their currency like uplay has coins to buy to use in its games rage 2 has rage coins and the drm that comes after purchase just seems to be there to facilitate the purchase of those

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It is not so much about the game, but about psychology. If you piss people off or they think they are pissed off, they start a shitstorm and once the shitstorm is running, it hardly ever can be stopped.

Most people don't even know what DRM is or what it means, so it is not about the DRM itself, but for example the limitations that it brings that may be annoying, like having to create accounts.

For example I don't buy games from certain publishers anymore, since I know they will always force me to create an account and/or install their launcher in addition, which is really annoying, but that is just me.

However in the end it is not about reality, but how it is perceived by people, many companies can get away with really really bad business practices, because they know psychology and invest a lot in marketing. The majority of people is not intelligent enough to really evaluate things, they just jump on the bandwagon, may it be positive or negative.

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