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Pre-Release Candidate 4.0 build


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I'm simply going to note that while not perhaps as informative as an 'in face' conversation as it were, nor one of jeffs excellent writeups, https://github.com/Areloch/Torque3D/commits/Preview4_0 does contain roughly weekly updates regarding what made the cut after going over what exploded in our faces experiment-wise. While the ability to also read the code is useful for those of us following the minutia, the general commit notes are intended for public consumption.

Tieing that into the website talk, it'd probably be useful down the line to have tickers for a 'forks to follow' style announcement area to help folks stay in the loop.

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Tieing that into the website talk, it'd probably be useful down the line to have tickers for a 'forks to follow' style announcement area to help folks stay in the loop.


Yeah i have that in one of my examples, also full site editing for admins in site (wordpress blah blah)

Only thing is we can either link to these forums as they are which would require logging in when landing on the page or migrate to bbpress forums which will allow site wide accounts just in case later on down the line your not on the forum page but just browsing the site users remain logged in and would receive notifications on accessing the site about latest topics they have subscribed to etc.

main page sections from top down:-

Header with video showcasing torque3d

latest news slider over the top of video - probably most of the time will be news updates by jeff on changes being made/already made and pushed

next section is showcase of torques features and tools

next section is games made with torque

footer section is 3 colums

column 1

latest blog posts/news section updated by admins, this would be great for jeff to get the changes out to a wider audience since people wont have to navigate to/through the forums to see the changes.

column 2

latest forums and topics

column 3

github feed - highlights active forks and latest pushes to dev branch

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Thanks for posting the Linux version.

My version of glibc is 2.27 because I'm on Mint which is Ubuntu 18.04 so I get this---- libm.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.29' not found (required by ./torque3d)

But it compiles without errors so awesome!

Edit: Some files seem to be invalid.

I can't add terrain or apply materials.

Loading a Level fails.

I've attached a console.log file.


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Enjoying each release!

Found that PostFx Tonemapping isnt available in the latest release, even removed from the PostFx window/menu/app, it does still exist in the shader files though. Any reason behind that?

I found that the tonemapping code is the same non-working Uncharted 2 style version as the one used in BeamNG atm. Ive replaced that with the old one slightly modified, to get it working, atleast in BeamNG.

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We're mostly focused on some bits to batch convert old script files to the new entries and one-to-one source line replacements to make it simpler for folks to upconvert at present. Shouldn't be too much longer on a new binary build, but don't want to make promises as far as when beyond that. Mean time, the fork were beating up prior to throwing it into preview head is https://github.com/Areloch/Torque3D/tree/AssetMacros_w_ProjectImport if folks want to see where that's going in general.

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