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Übergame is seeking contributors


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Little reminder: Übergame is still seeking contributors, it was always meant as an open source community project, so I post it here as a sticky thread, to remind people of that.

So many people contacted me claiming to want to contribute, but then they all ran away doing nothing, but actually doing stuff is not that hard, for example I made a level in my third Steam trailer in like 10 minutes, including playtesting, it cannot get much easier than that. Sure making a final release still takes some more time testing, cleaning up and packing for release, but I think you get the idea.

I did not go the Steam Workshop route, because I think I can integrate the stuff just as well directly into the original game, people just need to actually do stuff and be able to communicate with me and if it is halfway decent I can integrate it. That way people do not have to worry about installing additional things etc.

If you want to create new gamemodes or have suggestions to change things, I'm also open to that.

Why should you contribute to Übergame? Well this is probably something for people who do not want to develop a full game, but just want to play around a bit, like create a level and instantly play it or prototype a function and test them in a full game. I also offer help in explaining how to do stuff, I'm an expert artist and amateur scripter. Even if you should decide to create your own game later, you can just "steal" things from Übergame, that's the benefit of open source, there hardly is any drawback.

I'm a bit busy with other things now like real life and maintaining my projects, so I could use some help, I did not plan to always do everything myself all the time, for that such a game project is too complex. Ignore the people talking negative about me like calling me troll etc, I mean do you seriously think I spend thousands of hours of work into creating free stuff for everyone just to troll people? People just hate and disrupt others, because they never achieve anything on their own, which makes them jealous. This is all a vicious cycle you can only break out by actually doing anything, all the talking is irrelevant, does not matter if it is "positive" or "negative", the only person who is right is the doer.

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Hello duion.

Since i have a personal interest in ubergame and t3d i had thought that during a little vacation i took recently i might tinker with ubergame.

My first intention was to make a gamemode where weapons and items cost money, sort of like in counterstrike.

But what struck me first was the messy sms.cs file, long story short i made it more modular by adding softcoded categories, in contrast to hardcoded variables.

It took me a while figuring out this inventory system, its gonna take me a bit longer to make cool things with it.

I also noticed in the gamemodes there is a allowed player class but not a disallowed classes list despite in the inventory there being a class selectable in the armory.

I have not taken yet any advantages of the newer system yet, but i thought a assault soldier and recon soldier class for regular gameplay, one having more hp the other being faster.

Since i dont use github, i will attach the modified files in a zip and hope you merge those.

I assume you still use the same github account you had, asking since it seems no changes were made in quite a while.

I will try to make small contributions and little stuff when i find spare time/energy in this ever denser spiraling universe of spacetime, lost in a digital ocean.

Best of luck in the meantime.


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Yes the code is a lot of patchwork, I used a lot of resources and stuff people donated to me. I don't really have an allowed player class, I set it in each gametype, kind of messy workaround. Long term I planned to have a player type variable that also gets displayed on the server browser, but that requires changing the source code, the guis and the gamemodes, which was too much work for me, so I just duplicated the gamemodes for each player type.

You can go crazy with adding things as long as it does not break older stuff, or does not break it that much.

Yes there was not much change recently, since I was kind of on a vacation.

I will check out your changes.

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I tested your code and I don't see how it is useful, you just changed, renamed and deleted things so that when you install it, the game is completely broken, I cannot do anything with such code.

When you contribute something, you should add one feature or kind of change per commit/contribution and so that it does not break anything existing.

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