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Masterserver conundrum.


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Ok,, i have come to the point of doing alpha tests on my work but have run into a bit of a hiccup. To run networktests (internet) i ofcourse need a masterserver, which i have, but,,,, when i fire up the masterserver i can't find neither that OR the local server. The gameserver and the master find each other np, but the game can't see the gameserver when the master is running and on top can't connect to the master :-( !

I am not exactly sure where i am screwing up tbh (as it don't work i AM assuming i have made a bummer), so,, does any of u guys have an idea (or is it actually the simplest of things,, that i need to setup a separate machine for the servers to be able to see it *looks at wallet and sighs*).

Thanks in advance.

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Are you running the master server and the game server on the same machine? That should not matter as long as all the network addresses and any possible port forwards are done correctly. This might be a problem depending on how you are implementing the master server with torque. If on the same machine are you running them concurrently on one OS or are you running them in VM's? how do you have your master server implemented? I.E. Are you running your own home cooked master server or someone eses implementation? It sounds like your torque server is being hidden by the master server, and is either not being allowed to see the "outside", either through security settings or through improper setup. Please describe your setup more fully.

You should not have to buy more hardware or spend more money. Especially for a test machine, and test network.

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There are lots of possibilities where this can go wrong.

What master server are you using?

Are you running everything from the same computer?

Have you tried running from a different computer to see if that solves the issue?

The game and master server actually filter for a lot of values, like game type, mission type etc if they decide to show the server in the list and if one does not match the server will not be listed.

There is also a bug or was a bug, that made me unable to host a server and join from another instance from the same computer, I ignored it for now, since you only need that for testing purposes.

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