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Crash when changing missions.


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I have a crash in:

bool SFX3DObject::containsPoint( const F32 point[ 3 ] ) const {
	return mObject->containsPoint( ( reinterpret_cast< const Point3F >( &point[ 0 ] ) ) ); }

in T3D\sfx\sfx3DWorld.cpp. mObject seems to be the culprit.

I have several missions, and this crash only happens with one of the missions.

What's strange is that the crash does not happen when I disconnect from the said mission and destroy the server, but when I enter another mission.

I thought that it might be the amount of objects in the level, but I have levels twice as big with no crash.

And it doesn't seem to be one thing, because if I remove more than half of the objects from the level, there is no crash.

mObject is part of Vector< Scope > mScopeStack; //A top-down ordering of all objects that are currently in scope.

All scene objects that get into the camera's scope are added to mScopeStack in _onScopeIn().

Looking at mObject when exiting other levels, mObject contains a list of scene objects currently in scope/view.

When I exit this specific level, mObject still contains a lot of the scene objects currently in view except the top value of the stack seems to be empty, hence the crash.

Any thoughts?

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I'm always a fan of workarounds, I would try to redo the mission and see if the problem still exists. Maybe create a blank mission and add the content of your bugged mission into it, part by part and see what makes the error occur. "SFX3DObject" sounds like the issue is related to sounds, so it should be pretty easy to find the object causing the crash then.

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