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Phantom Games Development - Pack Release (MIT)


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Good Evening Fellow Torque Developers,

It's been a long time since I splashed the waters here, but I figured (And was poked by an old friend to do so) now was the time to make this move. As some of you know, I ran a small group from 2009 - 2017 called Phantom Games Development. We started as a small group of Tribes 2 modders that picked up a copy of Torque 3D and played around with the engine for a bit, developing a few small projects.

Life and school split up our group until I was the lone remaining developer on the team, so I shifted my work to developing a number of packs based on my code developments for the engine. These ranged from re-adding old TGEA capabilities into T3D (Projectile Types), to adding in cryptographic capabilities for developing account logins, and even eventually writing a 500-ish page "Guide to T3D" which covered every topic I've personally had to learn for the engine in a way that I had hoped would brush off what I had learned onto others.

This was going quite well until I finally decided that my projects were a bit too ambitious for what life had set in place for me, so I decided to pursue Graduate School instead and I will admit, I have loved every minute of it. So, finally 2017 came around and it was time to pay the website bill again and I decided that the time was now to "pull the plug", and so I did. But all of that old work of mine, which had some resources that I feel would greatly benefit others as a learning tool don't deserve to fall down and die when the inevitable hard drive failure hits me, so I've decided the time is now, to release all of my work, in a completely open source, MIT licensed form, on GitHub.

You'll find everything I've ever done included: https://github.com/PhantomGamesDevelopment/Phantom-Games-Development-Packs

This has been an absolute wonder for me and I will graciously admit, I don't think I'd be anywhere in my life now without the experience I have gained from working with this engine. Even in my studies, I still reference some of the work I did for my programming, and that, I am ever grateful for.

I hope that one day, perhaps the stars will align and allow me to pursue a game dev. endeavor as a fully finishable project, but even then, this was a blast. So, thank you to everyone here who helped make this possible, and enjoy these works!

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That were pretty short "one or two weeks" ;)

Thanks for MIT license, that way I can legally use your examples in my game, if I ever need to, since so far I skipped them for that reason.

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Thank you Robert! I really appreciate the response and your generosity in giving all of this back to the community! To be able to see, use and work with your packs is great, especially as most of this up until now has been completely unavailable. And to think all I wanted was your full book! Your contributions are greatly appreciated. Going back to school is a great thing. Education and learning are some of the most powerful tools we have (hence the need for your book). Oddly enough my story is almost a reverse of yours. I never ended up with your book as it passed me by because I worked a lot, it is one of the reasons I just did game design as a hobby, I never had time to dedicate more to it. Then I was diagnosed with a chronic disease, and now no longer work, which gives me all the time in the world to work on games and game design now (which I am now doing more and more, in between being sick). Life is very funny sometimes. LOL.

Again- Thanks.

P.S. Did not know you had worked on the Tribes 2 TWM2 (yes I have played the mod). Tribes 2 was one of my favorite games ever, so thanks for that as well.

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Anyone has been able to install the MAP resource above?  https://github.com/PhantomGamesDevelopment/Phantom-Games-Development-Packs

The crypting part of the PHP files in the resource does not work. The create_key() method in RSA.php called from install.php goes into an infinite loop.

I did some debugging and I get Undefined offset: 10 errors.

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