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Potential memory leak?


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Hello everyone,

I'm having a dilemma that's halting my game's development.

I've been trying to figure out why every time I play the same level the memory increases by 30 to 50 MB.

When I first play the level, the memory in the Task Manager is at 1.27 GB.

After I play the level fully, the memory is at 1.47 GB.

Second time I start the level, the memory starts at 1.47 GB and ends at 1.52 GB.

Third time, starts at 1.52 GB and ends at 1.57 GB.

Fourth time, memory starts 1.57 GB and can't finish the level because it crashes at around 1.6 GB of memory used.

I've tried using the memory leak testing tools: FlagCurrentAllocs(); DumpUnflaggedAllocs("./dump0.txt");


There are apparently no leaks, unless I'm doing the testing wrong.

I'm using T3d 1.2.

Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

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