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Tree model not affected by wind. What do i need?


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Hi, ive been searching for info on custom asset creation, but not finding any info on what are the requirements for vegetation models to be affected by wind. Model loads ok and is visible, but not affected by wind. I looked into sample tree provided with an engine and tried to name objects (trunk,leaves) with end 300 (think that has somehow to do with it), and create similar model structure in blender, but it has no effect. I know how to set up properties for model to be afected by wind, so defaultree is affected by wind and mymodel not. So mabe someone can give me guides on how to make trees and grass to be afected by wind(bend, move,etc.). Or maybe someone can give me a link to read info on this subject. Thanks in advance.

Below see the attachment of my model structure in blender.


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This is the documentation for trees and wind. Read through it and then see if there are differences in how you set up your custom made tree. You have to "paint" them to indicate what parts are affected it seems. Did you do that?

From the docs-

"The color of a vertex in a model allows the artist to specify how a plant model will behave once it is brought into Torque 3D. This also covers how a plant will respond to a wind emitter. Here is a breakdown of how the colors affect a model:

Bending of branches: controlled by the amount of red on a vertex. Normally the ends of branches are fully red, and the spot where they reach the trunk would be fully black (or colorless, depending on how you are painting...see my method below), with a smooth gradation between.

Branch group instancing: So that groups of branches sway independently, they need to have varying amounts of green. Usually done by selecting a clump of branches/fronds and filling with a random shade of green (anywhere from pure green to black).

Flutter of leaves: flutter is controlled by the amount of blue on a vertex. Normally, the ends of fronds are fully blue so they flutter fully, but I've found that in a lot of cases (in trees, mostly) I can just fill the entire frond with blue.

Vertical bend: the vertical bend of a tree does not have to be painted... that is calculated automatically by its height"

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That is great! Happy to be of any help. Good luck on whatever project your working on.

Also if you are interested Phantom139 has released his full Torque book for free on GitHub recently. It is a great book full of Torque3d concepts and information. One of the best Torque specific books, the most recently written book and not far from the 3.10 version (I think it was written around the time of 3.5ish) so almost everything should apply and work.


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Wind animation is pretty complicated to get right, ideally you vertex paint the leaves BEFORE you finish the model, otherwise all the other leaves and branches will constantly get in your way and you have to paint them all by hand.

Be sure to use a 100% stroke, since if there is variations in the vertex paint polygons may split.

The best way is to use a tree generator which supports wind animations, but the only one that does that is Forester.

The lazy mans way to do wind animations would be to select the trunk and set vertex paint to black and then select the leaves and set vertex paint to white.

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Forester has other issues though, mainly due to not being developed anymore and having some bugs that result in small visual flaws and performance flaws, but overall it is pretty good, you can also buy the templates then you don't have to worry about modeling at all, but if you are perfectionist I recommend fixing the models later manually, but having wind animations applied is still a good timesaver.

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