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Can I use C ++ instead of TorqueScript?(noob)


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C++ is harder than Torquescript and they are not really different languages, they are very similar. Sure you can do all your game in C++, but it will be much harder, that is why script languages exist, to make things easier and faster to build.

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No, it shouldn't disturb you. I hope I am not breaking the forums guideposts for sayiung this, but if yo haven't already picked up a C++ IDE, give Embarcadero C++ Builder a try. It is part of their RAD Studio lineup, and is a much easier tool to use than Microsoft's Visual Studio choice. (Of course, if you want a paying job in the gaming industry, it doesn't hurt to pick up $M's IDE. Both companies have freely available choices to choose from.)

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The Visual Studio Community versions are all free and works very well. Also learning more than one language should be a must as a programmer/developer/game dev.

You can therefore safely dig into any Torque Script tutorials and STILL learn C++ along side that. No harm done.


Thank you so much, because I doubted that a lot. I've always heard that I should learn one language first and then another, and my goal is to help the Torque3D community as well as create my games.

You made me feel good about it, I just have to thank you in advance.

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