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I posted this comment because the current site is all indexed and ranked by Google. Big chunk of new visitors will eventually see that page when wanting to know what the engine can do. Showing outdated info is never good; regardless what personal opinions are of long-time T3D users, who never read it in the 1st place.

Surely you could start a new project, but takes time and free time; which is a rare commodity if you ask me

Why not updating the current one and work on a new page in the meanwhile. Popping up a Wordpress page or 2 is peanuts, but before we agree on something a year will have passed and so version 4.0 onto the next.

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I know from experience that changing the current website too much is harmful for new visitors, meaning you will get ranked less in the search engine, especially if you remove stuff and create dead links. So you really should change the current site and not create something new, adding stuff is okay, but not removing.

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This is being done actively right now.

Having up to date features would be a huge plus along with better SEO and both are being done, sadly it took a bit to get to this point but at least we're here now.

On the note of changing the current website too much being harmful, it depends, if you have forwarding links from the old content locations to the new ones it helps but in the case of Torque3d.org the website already has such a poor SEO rating that a complete wipe probably would be totally fine.

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