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Torque On Steam


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This is not about releasing any individual game to steam but has anyone ever thought maybe this could be a good option for pulling other people to Torque3d and torque2d. There are some other engines on steam such as leadwerks and it seemed to increase their community reach quite a bit.

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Of course I have thought about it, even years ago, but from experience nobody from the community will do anything and if I do it myself, everyone will hate me for it, so I did not think about it any longer.

By the way the default initial visibility Steam gives you is long gone due to the vast amount of new releases and changes in their algorithms. In the past times of Steam Greenlight just releasing on Steam was almost guarantee of you getting a lot of reach, now that all has been reduced to almost zero, I saw statistics from multiple indie game developers about this. The "popularity" now is ranked based upon how "popular" the game or software already is, meaning if you have a lot of conversions initially.

So this could be a chance to increase Torques visibility depending on how many active users we still have and that would "buy" it on Steam, but Torque will only have a chance on the market based upon the fact that it is free and open source. Another nice side effect would be that the update process would be much easier if you had Torque on Steam, the only problem is, that almost every update will introduce game breaking changes to your project, so you would still have to update manually.

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