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Working with two GameTSCtrls


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Hi all!
There is a problem.
I have 2 GameTSCtrl objects on my screen.
One has a regular picture. On the other there is an imitation of a thermal imager.

How to disable fog only on the second object (thermal imager)?


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Is that in stock t3d, if so it looks very impressive.

I dont really know how to help you, since im new to this myself, but you could try using some sort of filter since im assuming you use a shader.

Im assuming you mean the background fog from the world, it should relative to the rendered distance so maybe some glsl or something similar like the dof filter might do.

Dont wanna offtopic too much but if you could post maybe another shot of that ship that be great, it looks so intriguing but its hard to see, i bet it looks great.

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