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I have a doubt. Can I create a (human) character with a head separated from the body? I see this in many games where the face changes and only the body is kept. Just like in the first person, where the head doesn't appear (arma3, pubg ...), it's just the body. Because I want to make a character that can be changed (man, race ...)

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I believe most games where you can customize character they don't actually change the character, the customization is achieved through a combination of bones that morph the model and through different textures that change skin tones. Often a base model for male and one for female is used, sometimes multiple, in case or role play games where you can play as cat people or reptile people.

However you can have multiple heads for example and swap them out or hide/unhide them based on what you need, but I never got as far as testing that out. Hiding the head only is pretty easy, but it does not help you customize anything. Character creation, especially customizable ones are one of the hardest things to do in game design, as an indie I would not even touch that area. I would recommend just make a bunch or pre-made models one for each race and have the player select one out of those few.

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Which character modeler are you using?

Forgive me for the delay, I was offline ... doing my project

is a character with real measurements. In this case I'm doing myself in 3d ... In this case, the headless doll: I will use my body and just change my head and skin color. This makes it a lot easier. Just wanted to know if anyone has done this in Torque3d, because I did not see any option for this type of process or if anyone has done it.

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