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Another Tremulous Clone Sortof


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As the title suggests my next game is a clone of sorts of the old time classic opensource game tremulous.

All of it free and opensource obviously, in an attempt of bringing some of the golden days back to a modern and well supported engine.


The initial release will be the zombies demo featuring gameplay similar to the old z server mod made by xembie, lonewolf and i think it might have been redman, but im not sure, its been so long.

Currently the survivors faction has working buildables, that mostly do what they are meant to but have worse graphics than tremulouses and still need sounds.

The weapons and items are also mostly functional too with some still missing sounds also, the selection is similar to the one from trem(z).

Following weapons will be available: chainsaw, crossbow, revolver, autopistol, submachinegun, hunting rifle, assault rifle, grenade launcher, rocket launcher, flame thrower, time bomb and glowstick for visibilty.

Zombie code leaves something to be desired, but this will be resolved quickly i hope, dont need zombies to be smart.

A unified configurable gamemode with respawn and zombie spawn limit will make for maps being playable as cleanout or survival modes.

As the lightning in t3d is so great lights and visibility will play a very important role, which will be one of the highlights over tremulous and maybe even unvanquished.

Maps are somewhat sparse right now, but once i clean up assets and stuff it will go quickly to make new ones.


Ultimately there will be an alien faction introduced, with some luck not too far of since i managed to get a hold of a suitable base model.

In the interum release aliens will not be playable or have buildables, but will spawn in the same way as zombies until alien buildables are working and have proper models.


Dont have screenshots on hand right now, but there is little to see so far, since i dont have a zombie model you know what the players look like.

I want to release this demo rather soonish since most of the items and graphics are in and gameplay is sorta working good.

Stay tuned for more once i have thins sorted out more material will come.

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