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Switch Tooltips Off/On?


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You can bind a key to toggle the GUI on and off, should be relatively simple, if you want them to stay off, you have to create a button in options menu that sets a pref value to disable it or have the pref value set, if you just press the toggle tooltips on/off button.

Look into the code how it is done for other GUIs that you can toggle.

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There are already complete functions like that in the default template I think, I mostly just copy and paste existing functions and extend them to what I need, it's simpler than reinventing the wheel every time.

Isn't there already a tooltip GUI by default in the full template? I remember seeing it.

A toggle function looks like:

function toggleTooltips()


if (TooltipsGUI.isAwake()) {






Then you bind a key to do that and done. What else you need?

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Theoretically you could set the GuiToolTipProfile.opaque field to false to "turn tool tips off" - it should just make them invisible, they'd still technically be there. I don't recall when the profiles are refreshed exactly so it might not function as expected on a hot-key but it would be okay to use in the preferences file as I'm pretty sure the profile is applied any time a UI element is shown/unhidden.

By default GuiToolTipProfile is defined in \modules\Sandbox\1\gui\guiProfiles.cs.

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