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I can't control Head and Look animations


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Be teased no longer! First installment of the series! Starts off a bit slower, and there is a part about renaming the animations I'm still typing up. Will ramp up much more quickly once we get into Part II and beyond. I had a good bit of fun getting this all together :D

Still a bit of formatting stuff I'll be working on, but I'm beat. Got worked like a mule! Picking up where I left off tomorrow, updating some pics and so on.


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.well i wish i would have seen this earlier 😕 - this sounds like you need a 'simple' lookAt target. Sry - i might have too many engines in the head atm . but thats a project (your aim) to unproject (towards your 2d crosshair) issue. Many character models do have a camera aim node actually. In silent hill 2 james sunderland looksAT > interesting objects in the scene (your crossshair) to make it easier finding stuff. Take the neckbone, white Idle animation, and point it at your crosshair, would be my first best bet - although, like mentioned, other animation states will override this.


go figure 😛


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