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New default character discussion


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@duion I know how you like to argue some points, but surely adding makehuman models with animations is no different to adding mixamo models with animations, if provided with a system that allows import of animations, regardless of the source, people will take that because of all things game dev creating good quality animations is the single most time consuming and nitpicky area bar none short of being massively OCD and a perfectionist combined, at which point all of the 9 circles of hell are found in game dev.

It is different. Adding Mixamo is not legally possible, so we will end up having no new default character, but adding Makehuman we will end up having a new default character. The difference is like day and night, having none or having one, the exact polar opposite.

Mixamo = Not possible

Makehuman = Possible

How hard is that to understand? Mixamo also sells ready made game characters including animations, where as Makehuman is a tool to design Humanoids.

No and creating good quality animations is not the most time consuming thing, it is a minor part, but you probably never made animations anyway, so how are you to tell.

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I really like the idea of a new default character with animations compatible with a particular MakeHuman rig. That would be awesome.

It would be great but I don't know if your going to find many people with animation skills to help.

@TorqueFan , A tutorial to get a commercial Maximo character into T3D sounds great. The more tutorials the better.

I think Duion is thinking something different. He wants to replace the included Soldier or offer a second one that most Indies can replace with their own, without royalties, that will just work with a certain set of animations. Both great ideas. :)

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Yes, you are right @Jason Campbell

I apologize this spiraled out of control the way it did. Duion was right to pursue the goal of a new Soldier model, as that is exactly what I proposed originally. Sometime in between this posting and that original idea, however, I had internally shifted my focus towards something far more meaningful(in my eyes) for newcomers. That wasn't anyone's fault but my own, although I have to admit the type of behavior displayed here just shouldn't occur, and that's on my end as well.

I'm constructing a tutorial, down to where to click in the Editor with pictures, around my ideas and I'd encourage Duion to continue to pursue his goals of getting a new Soldier model out there for the Community. If this is all 'connected' in some way is irrelevant. Just it needs to be something!

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Two things may happen.

1) Nothing, at which your tutorial is likely to be useful helping people understand how stuff works even if it is via a specific workflow.

2) A new default character is added and the system is evolved to make things easier/simpler, at which point you may need to modify the processes in the tutorial slightly to make it compatible before it fulfils item 1.

Given that the soldier adds even more complexity to the system as a whole (if you include weapons and FP Arms interop) then I still agree that we need something that A) makes the system, on the whole, simpler for those who do not want or need the added complexity of FP arms (so, most non-FPS games and even a bunch of FPS games) B) a tutorial that demystifies the system regardless, because even with simplification I suspect that for new people, it's not immediately simple and easy.

NB:- List of constants



threads on forums getting tangents

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Mixamo/Fuse is a great way to get characters into T3D - its free, no strings attached. I have several hundred models downloaded and fully rigged with thousands of animations to choose from.

Not sure what the resistance is to this product or why it matters how you construct your character... what does matter is whether or not it works in T3D and how easily it can be accomplished - both of these are met easily with Fuse/Mixamo

Looking forward to your tutorial TorqueFan !

Note also - We should be pursuing several default characters - male and female, military as well as civ

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The resistance is whether the output of the particular software allows you to freely distribute the models, this is less about the proprietary nature of the software (thou duion has a hate boner for anything not open source) as much as the usability of the output and licencing, which I've not actually looked into because.... well... I don't really care much, I already have a replacement for the solder default (search blue guy if you are interested).

I would note that duions premise is slightly off base, just because its proprietary software doesn't mean you cannot distribute the model, if that were true the use of blender and its assets would be a mainstream staple of the game industry and its not, the standard is still FBX and mostly from 3ds max

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@If you already have a replacement, then why don't you submit it? Probably because it does not exist, like all your projects.

I did not say you cannot distribute your proprietary model, but I said you cannot redistribute it. Distributing means, you can send it to me, but I'm not allowed to do anything with it that requires me to distribute it since it is proprietary, therefore it is completely useless for me as a developer.

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