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vehicle tires


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My vehicles tires don't seem to actually touch the ground.

I think the tire uses the bounding box for tire to ground collision. I have made the box smaller than the tire and still sits a little off the surface.

I have altered the radius, collision tolerance, contact tolerance and it just wont touch the ground. Anyone point me in the right direction?

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I did but it only shows bounds as collision type. Not sure if the Maya file used to create it has the collision mesh or not. This is what I was going by wheeledvehicle.cpp

// Determinw wheel radius from the shape's bounding box.

// The tire should be built with it's hub axis along the

// object's Y axis.

radius = shape->bounds.len_z() / 2;

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So you don't have a collision mesh or it is not properly set up. Torque models require a special node setup so the engine can detect everything properly, on simple static models you may be able to do it without it, but with more complex stuff like vehicles this is much more important.

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