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GUI OptionsDlg: Camera Viewing Distance


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I made a simple script that will give you the option to choose the camera viewing distance within the optionsDlg GUI. When I change this in the options I see in the console that was changed, but when I close the game and open it again, View Distance returns to default. Already tried tried several ways I was unsuccessful.

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You need to store the value as a preference that gets saved in the config files, like the values in the option menu, they start with &pref like those: https://github.com/GarageGames/Torque3D/blob/561f010f2e6411d8253d23f0cfcff794e81f60bf/Templates/Full/game/core/scripts/client/defaults.cs#L28

Only they are saved to a file when you set them in the game. Maybe you forgot to write into the script a function that saves the values to a config file, happened to me before, I just force save all the values when the option dialog is closed so it never forgets to save the changes.

You also need to make sure to use the &pref value instead of anything else when setting the camera view distance for the first time.

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