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simple ELE sky


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the greenish sphere is a spherical landscape made with blender 2.79 . the object is 2,500 Km across and is placed 11,412 Km up . the sky is scattersky . the object behaves as any other object and is currently using visible surface for collision . I haven't achieved landing on it yet . I dropped my player way above it but the free-fall would've taken days , I think ..the color is just a color material and there is no animation .



i encountered this bad screenshot issue right after adjusting these post fx settings ,


the good screenies were made after re-starting the level and applying the saved preset.from the postfx manager I then made several screenshots with no issue .but havent yet tried after applying the post fx at mission start up from file . Ill do that next .

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the object is 2,500 Km across and is placed 11,412 Km up .

Is it 2500 km wide and 11412 km up or 2,5 km wide and 11,4 km up? I think there is an issue on how Americans use comma and dots slightly different, so I'm not sure, but I guess it is 2,5 km otherwise the engine will very likely cause problems. Everythinb above 10km from the center point will cause floating point imprecision.

It also does not look like a planet, it looks like a giant glowing green potato.

Your second post with your "high tide" (whatever that is supposed to be) looks like a normal map texture not correctly rendered as normal map. If you want to cover the end of the terrain you can just use a water or ground plane it will go infinite.

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Aw Man thats all I needed was some confusion involving numbers .

i scaled the 2 units'ish object 1,000,000 x in blender


this is 13,000,000 visble distance


This is 9,814,929 visible distance . You can see :mrgreen: Duion some non-renderization


Duion , The "Wave" diffuse texture is just a temporary normal map texture . there are normal and specular maps used in the image .

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Wow did not know such huge dimensions even work, but the floating point imprecision is probably not noticeable since you never go to the potato in the sky.

I wonder why it has to be so big? I mean it could be much smaller and much closer or just a bitmap and you will hardly notice any difference.

And why does it have to be so ugly? You could just take a moon texture from Nasa or so and map it to a sphere, they even provide the correct format already, that would look 1000 times nicer.

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So , things were as you predicted Duion , the player wouldnt free-fall the player would render on either side of the plantado and even a strange teeth and eyes showing through like X-ray .

This pic shows the player hanging in the air.. just a few meters above the surface . I had moved it that close using the gizmo . It was a little worse than it appears the player jitterred around and was difficult to move that close .

deepspacewalk6x4.jpg .

So i moved the to where the suface was level with the terrain .


and walked upon its surface .


yay , mission aborted .

the River editor suggestion for the tidal wave sounded like a great idea but it maxxed out at 1000 units wide . This beveled cube is 10000 units wide


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What are you even trying to achieve? Create something as weird looking as possible? Dude just use a water plane, or create something in Blender for background that you scale up a lot. One thing I did in a map was to have another small terrain under the original one scaled up like 16 times so it stretches out far into the distance, that works as well.

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well , ATM Duion , Im simply exploring ideas for transporting that water cube across the terrain , maybe a physics zone along with it I dont know yet . Im sure that you are 100% correct and the planeto can look even better , perhaps you share my desire to see time of day moon to traverse the night sky , with the dynamic lighting of course . I was just surprised by the very large objects I could use and the extent of the visible distance , which I had stumbled across while trying to hide the canvas color using scatterSky .

BTW beauty is in the eye of the beholder , isnt it ?

im trying here to make some real as hell splash effect . how do like them ?

half cylinders 4 faces each


8x8 faces spheres


thees are some pics where I used images for the TOD sun corona .




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No, beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, there are objective standards for art.

There are rules for art just like there are rules for music for example, only if you follow those rules to some degree you can produce something good.

Last two images at least look a bit more aesthetic. And why the hell would you want to transport a water cube? Just use water plane, it is infinite.

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well actually hans zimmer has broken many principles in music for example in his song for davy jones, there are chords put in on purpose to throw the song off key in certain places notes that should never go together if u follow the so called "rules" of music. In the title song for inception he plays a 7th chord in the 6 movement which usually means that there should be a key change on the 8th but no key change takes place and it fools the listener into thinking there is a key change.

In the batman dark knight there are trumpets high up above the orchestra, anyone would tell you that knows anything about acoustics you should never raise anything with a lot of bass up to a height. It is breaking these so called rules that makes his music so interesting.

I mean i could think of more examples for you if you want but really the point is any art form visual or otherwise only has guidelines, no rules. the second it is restricted by rules it is no longer art. The first few screen shots in this post were more interesting and begged more interest and questions than the "realistic" screenshots because it broke the rules of what should be

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Yes, but to break the rules you first need to have been following them.

You cannot put random notes together in random rythms with random instruments and think you created music, but this is what you are suggesting.

You first need to learn the instrument correctly, then learn the laws of musical harmony and rythms and when you mastered it all, THEN you can consider slightly breaking the rules here and there in order to develop your style further.

Back to Torque3D and game design, you cannot randomly throw objects on the screen and think you created a game world. That is why I often ask people what they are trying to achieve when they post screenshots of Torque3D with random objects thrown onto it. Call me negative or whatever you want, I don't care, when I think it looks bad then I tell you it looks bad. How else are people supposed to improve?

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Simple yet elegant , yea? jk . Heres another example of this un-expected vastness . and Ill stop .

the man was imported at close to 2 units height . in the scene editor i scaled it 2,000,000 times , moved it to 13,000,000 z-axis ,increased the visible distance to 15,000,000 . its basically an animated static using one of the CMU Hahne motion capture animations ( a playground monkey bar scene ) . the animation plays nicely but theres some of that xray effect you can see around the neck area . .ps :ugeek: I know it is ridiculous


Duion the moon in the jungle scene is a material found in the art/skies/night folder of the t3d demo it uses a 512x512 image and it is used as the moon material in he Time Of Day settings . looks nice and bright I really like it . .

Thanks for your inputs , enjoyed your conversation on artistic impression , Im sure arteests every where are honored , wish I could emphasize the importance i feel it deserves , alas , The glowing green potato ... it is mysterious , yet...yet...yet...yea.

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