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Boost! - T3D Old-School racing


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I just want to share the current status of a racing game I have been working on during the last year. It's my second attempt for this game after the fail of initial project called: "NO2 Racing". The name was changed to Boost! after I realized my stupid mistake that Nitrous oxide is N20... and N20 racing sound bad after being used to N02...

Boost! is a multiplayer racing game project that take it's major inspiration from good old arcade/NES game "SuperSprint". The game won't be a SuperSprint clone, it have many different racing modes and track style planned which most are based on other retro racing games. I won't get into details now and the website is down until I clean up the future plan for Boost! and which features would be part of an eventual initial release. I stopped development in February because I needed a break but I'm considering a return to it since it was getting close to be a playable game. We did some conclusive Multiplayer testing, but still need to enhance the collision system to provide a better experience.

So here's the first unofficial Public video of Boost! that I decided to shared with Torque3D community to show where I am at. Now, maybe some of you will be able to help me with some issues I'm facing...

This video have PostFX disabled... Forgot to activate it


I have also publish a rough video showing the FX Manager I use to save different track ambience presets. The current version is in a middle of a restructuration so some features are broken (like the Precipiation presets saving). I'm planning to update the FX Manager to be a T3D extension that could be added to any projects allowing to quickly and simply edit the environment settings of a level without having to load the editor.


That's it for now. I'm currently reorganizing the project and would start on a fresh script base with a simplified initial release plan. I would also rewrite my custom Vehicle Class since I'm having some problem with it. Current class is base on HoverVehicle since I wanted an old-school steering feel (Car rotate 360 around it's middle point) but this time I will use WheeledVehicle and remove the standard front wheel steering.

Also, I just want to point that I'm working on this alone mostly (I have a motivation partner only) and starting to realize that if I want to get to release stage, I might need some development assistance. So, if any of you could be interested in helping me getting Boost! done, I'd like to discuss the possibility with you. I think what I need the most is a skilled T3D coder, I'm getting better and better with coding but I can't dedicated enough time to it as I need to deal with the arts and scripting. Anyway. it's not an official request, just wanted to say that I'm interested to get a serious development partner...(Before someone ask, I can't pay for assistance, I'm looking for long term association with shared revenues...)

Thanks, and as usual, any feedback are appreciated but don't forget that it's a rough quickly produce videos which is not showing Boost! at is best...

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